Experienced Commercial Landscapers

Len’s Landscaping began in 1994 by providing solutions to our customers landscaping problems. Len Friesen has always had a vision to create beauty in the wake of his work. We have always brought the passion and expertise to create the solution, and see it through from concept to completion. Our focus is on large scale, high end landscaping which has ranged from soil preparation and seeding, to retaining walls and stone work.

Industry Leaders in Landscaping

Our investment in people and technology has created a position of leadership within the industry. We were the first in the country to employ GPS controlled skid steers which has increased our already very high accuracy and consistency.

We are the first in Western Canada to bring this technology to the market and it is this pioneering spirit that keeps us on the cutting edge of techniques and the technology around it.

Hard-working and Dedicated

We are a people company. We talk a lot about the equipment that we have, but ultimately it’s the hard work and dedication of our crews that make the difference. We find hard working individuals that work with us to ensure the success of your project. When we work for you, your goals are our goals, and our people are the hands at work making sure it happens accurately, and in a timely manner.

If you need a landscaper, look no further. Len’s Landscaping is here to help.