How We Do It

Continued Learning in Landscaping

Our mentality towards our people and our equipment ensures the best workmanship and technology is used on each and every project. Our people are number one. Standards at Len’s Landscaping are very high, so each project is done right, often above and beyond the initial scope of work.

GPS technology ensures accuracy and a guaranteed outcome. Our work is as accurate as the plans we receive. We have GPS controlled dozers, excavators, and skid steers. With this equipment working together, we can ensure that everything from the first pass to the last seed of grass is exactly where it should be.

For the lighter work and finishing, we also employ smaller tractors, packers, power rakes, scrapers, sod cutters, turf rollers, and more.

We are well equipped for any project that you have for us. Contact us to have us put our equipment to work for you.