Landscaping Services

Commercial Landscaping

Our 26+ years in the landscaping industry have brought us many challenging and successful projects. The landscape architects, general contractors, and project managers that we have worked with over the past two and a half decades have stretched our imaginations and put our people and equipment to the test. You can lean on our experience and technical expertise to plan and execute your projects.

The list of what we have done, and can do, is too extensive to cover, so here is a small selection of our work.

  • International Peace Gardens
  • Schools
  • Commercial Condos
  • Golf courses
  • Retaining walls


Hydroseeding offers you a fast and cost effective alternative to sod or broadcast seeding. This process is a spray application of water, grass seed, and fertilizer. It is a very efficient process that is often used for landscaping, seeding, or for erosion control. If properly maintained, hydroseeding will have seed germinate in less than one week, with the first mowing roughly four weeks after application.

Common applications for hydroseeding:

  • Erosion control
  • Residential and commercial lawn installation
  • Land rehabilitation

Before you sod or seed, contact us to see how hydroseeding might fit your application, timeline, and budgets.

Artificial Turf

We install artificial turf – perfect for lawns, back yard putting greens, or any living space where you want a natural looking, durable surface!

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